2021 By the Numbers

How well do you
actually know
your classmates?

2021 - Who Are They?

What are we? — It’s a question that’s troubled metaphysicians and high school prom dates alike. And it’s a question that Cornellians ponder when they first find themselves in an environment filled with students from around the world, and it’s not exactly a question that Cornell’s standard release of class information — SAT and ACT scores, gender breakdown, home state or country, etc. — can answer. The Sun has attempted to change that with its first annual freshman class survey.

Who is the Class of 2021? Let's find out.

Demographics & Academics

Race, gender, family incomes, test scores and more.

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Lifestyle & Ideology

Political views, virgin status, sexuality, and more.

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One can probably venture a good guess as to which of Cornell’s seven undergraduate colleges has the highest test scores, but can you guess the one with the lowest? Does interest in Greek life correlate with family income? Find out here.

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This was the product of intensive cross-department collaboration, and it would not have been possible without the dedication of our many staff members, who all worked hard to ensure that our ideas and mockups came to fruition. We were able to harness the strengths of design, technology and reporting to bring to you our first major interactive feature. We hope that through this project and similar ones to come, we can help the Cornell community digest vast, complex subjects in an engaging and meaningful way.

Special thanks to Cornell Data Science, with whom we collaborated to make this project a reality.

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